It all started unexpectedly

As all good things in life

With a passion for bringing smiles to people faces, Cornercove was born from a dream to provide the purest form of joy through simple, good quality food & service.

The food that you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of Medicine or the slowest form of Poison - Ann wigmore

A word from the Creator

Hi Everyone! Michelle here! From the design of the little shop, to the recipes, to the little pieces picked out for the place, Cornercove is a place that was built to provide the best possible experience an Açaí & smoothie bowl shop could offer. I have always been very passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness but now with both my parents having been diagnosed with cancer what I do carries even greater meaning of how important it is to treat our body with care. Blessed to still have them around & with deeper understanding that good health is our biggest & most valuable asset in life, I pride myself in the fact that Cornercove doesn't cut corners and only serves 100% all natural, quality food at an affordable price. Our bases are made fresh in house with no added sugars or dairy. We also churn our own fresh nut butter! I hope to see you guys at the shop to try our bowls & perhaps stay for a little chat!

Life is beautiful, precious, and unpredictable! Remember to treasure the moments & people around you because in the end nothing in life is guaranteed!

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