Our Products

When it comes to our products our primary focus is health. Through thorough research of our suppliers, the source of our ingredients, and quality assurance we aim to provide the healthiest, most natural Acai and smoothie bowls there are to offer in Singapore. 

Our Acai comes directly from the source, the Amazon. Our supplier works directly with the local community in the river deltas of Brazil to provide us with the most natural, fresh Acai there is to offer. 

When it comes to all of our dry ingredients, we source from all around the world including Sri Lanka, Iran, China, Turkey, US, Australia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, India and Peru to ensure we provide natural but standout flavors in our bowls.

Our coffee beans are also taken into account as we have them roasted in small batches on a weekly basis to ensure quality and freshness for your caffeine fix! Our beans are a custom blend from Uganda, Sumatra and El Salvador.

About Cornercove

Cornercove was developed by young, Californian founder, Michelle, who is driven by love and passion for healthy food accompanied by her fervour for sports and adventure. 

Her goal was to create a friendly space that enriches the lives of those who walk through the front door - whether it be for a quick takeaway order or a lengthy stay - with friendly, genuine customer service & conversation. 

At Cornercove, the emphasis is placed on living a healthy, lifestyle and connecting with others - finding contentment with the simple things in life and seeking adventure through new experiences.